"Kizuna" means a deep, sincere and spiritual relationship between friends who share same ideas and goals.
About Us
We are a group of people that has established its own association for strengthening the connection between Bulgaria and Japan. We are guided by the pure desire to spread Japanese language and culture among citizens of Varna. The spiritual diversity of Japan and its preserved traditions can become our own knowledge, and help us in our own spiritual quests.

The aim of the Japanese club "Kizuna" - Varna is to increase the citizens of Varna’s knowledge of Japan. Our desire is to create good cultural cooperation through which to present its cultural history, folklore and traditions. These are our expectations of the general desire for mutual knowledge and the bringing together of people for the sake of a better future.

The objective of Japanese club "Kizuna" - Varna is also to develop connections with companies related to Japan; to facilitate the exchange of experiences, information and visits; to develop programs on various projects related to the objectives of the association and to promote Japan through Web site linked information and to organize meetings, conferences and seminars. We are ready to meet colleagues from Japanese associations who share our goals.

The founding members of our association are representatives of academic, artistic and business backgrounds who love the Japanese language and are captured by the Japanese culture. Japanese club "Kizuna" - Varna already has many contacts in Japan and successfully cooperates with "Agora" - Sofia and Senshu Kyokai Aikido - Osaka, Japan. The idea for the name of the association came from our friends in Osaka. "Kizuna" means a deep, sincere and spiritual relationship between friends who share same ideas and goals.

We expect our team to be filled in the future with new followers from different ages and occupations. This entails close collaboration with the schools, students and teachers, athletes, politicians, intellectuals and actors that make up the social and cultural life of Varna.